Guinness World Records

In June 2014 the mosaic of the “Giant Cask” entered the Guinness World Records, having broken the previous record by the Albanian artist Samir Strati.

In addition to this, in January 2015 our wine-themed work of art was chosen as the winner of the Guinness “Fan Choice 2014” award. The voting was held in three stages: selection in September, semi-finals in December and the final in January 2015.

Russian nationals and wine enthusiasts Elvira Gazizova and Sergei Sidorov, residing in France, are the creators of the “Giant Cask”. Others involved in the creation of the Cask included architect Julia Davletbaeva (Ekaterinburg), artist -illustrator Natalia Golovanova (Moscow), a team of French volunteers (Rémi Albiero, Lucette Daurat, Dominique Delannay, Cosette Givernaud, Jeanine Roddier and Patrick Roulleau) and a team of NADALIE coopers (France).

Giant CaskLife is wonderful if there is some place for tomfoolery. © ФPhoto : Cosette Givernaud

We are grateful to our support group, relatives, friends, friends of friends and all the strangers who voted for our record. Special thanks to the group of Bordeaux "Bordeaux ma ville" and its participants who actively voted for the Giant Cask.

P.S. By June 2016 our record was beaten by Samir Strati and his new record, who was in turn dethroned by a team of Dutch nationals. Will we try to set a new record in the mosaic race? Most probably not. It was a wonderful adventure, which allowed us to meet some wonderful people. However, there are so many interesting things to do and see in the world, we feel that we shouldn’t get stuck on chasing the same achievement!